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Get state-of-the-art speech-to-text accuracy using our Automatic Speech Recognition technology

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Transcribe all your audio recordings from calls, meetings, tutorials and more, with an accuracy up to 98%.

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Customize voice recognition with domain-specific terms by providing your own vocabulary.

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Automate your activities and get transcriptions in seconds using our high availability API

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Automatic transcription raised to a whole new level

Experience accurate transcription in English and French.

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The few videos below were picked to help you compare DeepTranscript with other providers on real data. Even if it’s not a proper benchmark, this aims to give you an intuition about what you can expect
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Batch mode

0,006€ per minute

per audio channel
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  • High Accuracy
  • No usage limits
  • No recurents fees

Streaming mode

1000€/month  + 
per 15 seconds

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  • High Accuracy
  • up to 500 transcriptions / min.
  • For high volumes
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Data on ASR (automatique speech recognition)

We care about your privacy

Based in France, DeepTranscript operates with strict EU adherence to all GDPR requirements and process your data on ISO 27001, ISO 50001 and HDS certified data centers.